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Sound & Vibration Institute

Our services include noise & vibration consulting, studies, investigations, and testing.

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Corporate Introduction

US Sound and Vibration Institute (USVI) is a noise pollution control company specialized in R&D, Engineering Consulting, Control Equipment Installation, and Noise Related Product Supply based in Long Beach, California, USA.  All professional experts are very experienced and with extensive background and capabilities in the sound and vibration field.  USVI also formed a strategic alliance group with leading experts and renowned research institutes, Universities, consulting and related manufacturing entities throughout USA and China.  The strategic alliance, all together called USVI Group, has a strong capabilities and experience in the noise pollution field of R&D, Engineering Consulting, and Product Supply.  USVI group provides the services of special assigned R&D topics, bench and pilot tests, sound & vibration control simulations and control, field monitoring, environmental impact studies, instruments and equipment supplies, engineering design, construction, product manufacturing, and product supplies in the noise pollution control field.

Experts and engineering specialists in USVI group gain many significant achievements in scientific research, engineering design and field applications in large noise pollution control projects.  USVI professionals has led or participated in the creation, development, industrialization, internationalization of noise control engineering, which caused considerable influence in the sound and vibration field.  They has managed or were as principal investigators participating in a large number of noise and vibration control R&D, and engineering projects, including high-speed rail noise and vibration abatements, other traffic and subways noise and vibration control engineering, community noise reduction, manufacturing plants noise reduction, city noise maps development, and various noise tests, and assisted in national and international noise vibration standards development.