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Micro-Perforated Panel will come soon

Posted on April 2, 2015

Recently USVI has finished the cooperation program with BMILP in China on the study of Micro-Perforated Panel.

BMILP has invested $15000 on the program, and the team in USVI has finished the study in March 2015. The patent in China will belong to BMILP, and patent in US will belong to USVI.


Comment on “Noise Control Engineering”

Posted on June 3, 2013

William Danqun Fang, Zhang Bin, Sun Jiaqi, Lu Weijian compiled “noise control Engineering “, which has been  published by Science Press in May, 2013.

The book is a sciences system include acoustics, noise control, machinery, construction, materials and other engineering disciplines, as well as physical, psychological Science and many other disciplines intersect, forming the basis of acoustic theory with engineering and design.

Taking into account of the engineering disciplines,  the initiator of “Noise Control Engineering”, Prof. Fang and his team spend decades years on scientific and technological achievements and experience, showing the country overview development in the half-century.

The book includes an introduction, sixteen chapters, four appendices, introduces the generation and dissemination of the physiological and psychological effects of noise, measurement and evaluation, noise source identification, noise control norms as well as engineering and technical methods and noise control engineering and industrialization in other aspects.
Introduction of noise control engineering development of a detailed summary of the authority, and development status and future directions are discussed. The reader half century noise control study and development of technologies has been presented.

The first chapter of the book describes the basic principles, the second chapter is the noise evaluation method, the fourth chapter of noise and vibration measurement technology, the sixth chapter of the conventional noise control technology, Chapter ~ Chapter XIII were absorbing , sound insulation, noise and vibration control content. Though these books noise control at home and abroad in the common directory content, this book not only describes the latest technological, but also contains many unique knowledge, such as sound landscape, reflecting the author noise control techniques to suppress noise from the expanded scope to improve the comfort of thinking, it is worth thinking about and discovering the reader which contains technical or industrial development opportunities.

Exact knowledge of the noise control noise hazard control engineering practitioners and the public are very important, and thus in the book devotes an entire chapter (Chapter III) discusses the noise and vibration of our human nature and severity of the damage, and gives a lot of facts.
Effective noise control measures the most important part is to control the noise source, therefore, the book took a heavier ink on the noise source, including Chapter VII of the noise source identification technology, as well as Chapter from product design the angle of the sound source noise practical technology introduction. these elements together in a coherent show to read from laboratory research, the development of applied technology, extending to the whole process of product technology.

Chapter VII is the noise prediction and evaluation techniques. Noise Control Engineering both from the perspective of systems engineering requirements, or from an elevated level of noise control technology point of view, the noise impact assessment to select the appropriate measures and measures predict the effects are very important in this chapter also introduces the latest noise maps principles and techniques, and present the results at home and abroad, in the book’s introduction is the most authoritative and insightful. believe that the next few years technology in China will have a larger development. book chapter XIV hearing protection technology, which is protected from a health perspective noise control engineering a unique area, from the perspective of personal protection which involves a hearing health big problem, from a technical point of view it is the noise control industry to the electro-acoustic technology, signal processing extensions, if any source on muffler technology of this chapter will be included in the book, is a revelation that we should look at a wider area noise control Engineering.
Chapter 15 describes the relevant standard Chapter 16 of 20 instances of noise and vibration control engineering, and engineering design for the implementation of related applications provide a good reference, deepening knowledge and understanding of the book plays a good help, and noise control engineering and future-oriented industrial development has a good reference value.
The book on the content system shows the reader different “noise control” of the “Noise Control Engineering” complete discipline system, concise book between the lines of the Authors who half a century of science and technology for noise control engineering career understanding insights and reflections on the future disciplines, from the perspective of the authority of disciplines to show us the latest development is one that deserves careful study and understand the writings. publication of the book, the noise control engineering, environmental technology and industrial development milestone.



Prof. Dongxing Mao

Acoustic of Institute of Tongji University

“Noise Control Engineering” has been published

Posted on May 27, 2013

<Noise Control Engineering> (Chinese Version)has been published in May, 2013.

The book combines noise control science, machinery, construction, materials, physiology, psychology together, to form a new engineer subject with the theory of the formation of acoustic engineering and design features.  The initiator of Mr. Fang Danqun and his team engaged in the study for nearly fifty years, the article shows the scientific and technological achievements and experience in half of a century.

More details on the website of the press

Recruit Project Manager with Airport Noise Assessment Experience

Posted on May 18, 2013

MARKETING PERSONNEL Needed, familiar with airport noise monitoring,
environmental audit, and noise pollution control markets preferred. Or familiar
with the high-speed railway and subway projects preferred. Send resume to
Personnel Dept,

Our Joint Venture

Posted on February 8, 2013

US Sound & Vibration Institute (USVI) is located in Long Beach,

California, specialized in R&D, engineering, and product supply in the noise

pollution control area. USVI formed a strategic alliance group, all together

called USVI Group. The initial USVI Group included four renowned research

institutes, consulting and related manufacturing entities throughout USA and

China, as follows:

  • Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection (BMILP);
  • Zhejiang University, Institute of Environmental Pollution Control Technology (ZJU-IEPCT);
  • Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd.

Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection (BMILP): has extensive background and

qualifications in the field of noise and vibration control. BMILP, assigned as the national center

for the noise pollution R&D, involves in many major projects in the field of noise and vibration

control engineering. BMILP is considered one of the most outstanding and knowledgeable

institutes in the field of noise and vibration control in China. BMILP have over 60 professional

experts, with extensive background and capabilities in the sound and vibration field.


Zhejiang University, Institute of Environmental Pollution Control Technology (ZJU-

IEPCT): ZJU is ranked top No. 3 university in China. ZJU-IEPCT has directed over 50 national

and international cooperation projects within the past 5 years. ZJU-IEPCT is in the leading role

in the field of environmental acoustics, noise and vibration control, and noise effects research in China.


Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd. : located in the Hangzhou high-tech industrial

development zone, is the largest manufacturing company of acoustics and vibration

measure instruments in China. The company’s products complied with relevant

international standards, and certified by the national authoritative organization. The

company produces more than 60 types of acoustic and vibration measuring instrument