Dongxing Mao Visiting Professor

Prof. Mao, Director of Tongji University Institute of Acoustics, has engaged in research of Environmental Acoustics and Psychological Acoustics. Prof. Mao specializes in objective noise evaluation, sound quality, social and psychological effect of sound, noise forecasting, automobile acoustic noise reduction and airplane and railway noise control.

Prof. Yuheng Lu Senior Advisor

Prof. Lu, senior engineer, serves in China Shipping Industry No. 9 Institute. Prof. Lu also serves as Deputy Secretary-General of Noise & Vibration Control Branch of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Member of Advisory Committee of China Acoustic Society and Member of Shanghai Vibration Society. Prof. Lu has engaged in research of environmental protection noise control and project design for a long time. Additionally, he has also completed over 20 different types of anechoic chamber and over 200 noise control projects and gained many national and provincial awards. More specifically, Prof. Lu gained awards of second prize of scientific and technological progress in 1991 and national innovative product in 1992.

Prof. Kuisheng Zhang Senior Advisor

Prof. Zhang, renowned Registered Engineer and architectural acoustic expert, is Founder and President of Zhangkuishen Acoustic Design Institute, which is the first and the only Acoustic Design Institute named by person’s name. Prof. Zhang is also director of noise and vibration professional committee of State Environmental Protection Industry Association. Prof. Zhang has over 50 years extensive experience in acoustics professional design field and has won numerous national awards and published more than 100 academic papers and books. Prof. Zhang persists in the idea of attractive in both price and quality and has made great contributions to China and world acoustic design with his team.

Prof. Bin Zhang Chief Advisor

Prof. Zhang, Director of Beijing Labor Protection Science Institute, Director of Engineering and Technology Center of National Environmental Protection Municipal Sound & Vibration Control Committee, mainly engage in technique research and product development in sound and vibration control industry. Through theory research and large quantities of experimental research, Prof. Zhang proposed influence effect of percentage of piercing on micro-well plate. Except for scientific research task, he also directed almost one hundred noise control projects and put research outcomes into engineering design, which accrue good social and economic benefits. Prof. Zhang has directed and completed 10 national and provincial scientific research projects and gained 1 second and 1 third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, 1 National Patent, 1 International Invention Gold Award. Additionally, Prof. Zhang has published over 30 professional noise control articles.

Prof. Hui Ding Co-Honorary President

Prof. Ding, President and Researcher of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, is an expert of Safety production theory research panel of  State Administration of Production Safety Supervision and Management who enjoys special allowance of the State Council of China. Prof. Ding serves as executive director of China Acoustical Society, vice president of China Employment Safety and Health Association, member of Beijing nature fund committee, vice president of China analysis and testing association, executive member of National Innovation Method Society, professor of many Chinese universities such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Capital University of Economics and Business and Wuhan University.

Yanzhong Zhang Co-Honorary President

Dr. Zhang, Doctor of Cambridge University, is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous expert in sound & vibration field and aerospace systems engineering & signal processing. Dr. Zhang has served as dean of China Aeronautical Establishment, chief engineer of Ministry of Aviation and National Space Administration, vice president of China Aviation Industry Corporation, president of China Aviation Industry Corporation II, Chairman of board of China National Aviation Corp (listed company), doctoral supervisor and professor of  Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Prof. ShaoDong Zhang Senior Advisor

Prof. Zhang, Professor of Engineering, is chairman of the board of Hangzhou Aihua instrument Co. Ltd. Pro. Zhang engages in sound and vibration instrument research and development and he is also co-founder of Chinese acoustic instrument and founder of Hangzhou Aihua instrument Co., Ltd. Prof. Zhang serves as Executive Member of Sound & Vibration Control Professional Board of China Environmental Protection Industry Association Municipal, Member of Environmental Acoustic Branch of China Acoustic Society, Member of Sound and Vibration Control Committee Of China Vibration Engineer Society, Vice President of Zhejiang Acoustic Society, Executive Member of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, Zhejiang Environmental Monitoring Association, member of Zhejiang Vibration Engineering Society, Member of China Electronic Acoustic Standardization Technical Committee, Member of China Acoustic Measurement Technical Committee.

Andrew F. Seybert ( Read More ) Senior Advisor

Dr. Seybert, Mechanical Engineering Professor of University of Kentucky, has engaged in numerical acoustic computation for a long period. Dr. Seybert is director of mechanical engineer major in University of Kentucky and senior member of US mechanical engineer committee. Additionally, he is the recipient of numerous awards including, most recently, the SAE Lloyd L. Withrow award.

David Herrin ( Read More ) Visiting Professor

Dr. Herrin, Professor of University of Kentucky, specializes in design and consulting of machinery noise control and has enriched experiences of development on acoustic control. Dr. Herrin professionally develops Acoustic muffler structure for large engine companies such as Cummins Company and John Deere Company.  Additionally, he has published more than 80 papers in related acoustics magazine.