A Wide Array of Services.

Including Noise & vibration consulting, studies, investigations, and testing.

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1.  Noise & Vibration Pollution Consulting:

  • Noise monitoring, identification, and evaluation of effects of various types of noise source (traffic, industrial, entertainment, and social noise)
  • Vibration monitoring, identification, and evaluation of effects of various types of vibration source (traffic, industrial, entertainment, and social noise)
  • Recommendation of comprehensive solutions for sound quality problems for conference halls, entertainment center, theater, studio, school classroom, etc.
  • provision of the best solutions for any other noise and vibration pollutions problems.

2.  Field investigation and testing of noise and vibration for:

  • Industrial noise pollution measurement (for various industries, enterprises, factories )
  • Traffic noise measurement (for railway, highway, airport, harbor, etc.)
  • Community noise measurements (for residential, hospitals, schools,  entertainment facilities, etc.)
  • Industrial traffic vibration measurement, large industrial equipment vibration measurement

3. Environmental impact Studies and evaluation for:

  • Factories and commercial facilities
  • Traffic noise impact studies for high-speed rail, railway, highway, construction and expansion of the airport and harbor construction

4.  Noise and vibration control engineering design and construction

5.  Architectural acoustics design for theater, conference center, gymnasium, school, broadcasting and television studio

6. Sound & Vibration Research


Theory Study: Harm to Human, Sound Source characteristics, Sound propagating performance and prediction. 

National Noise Related Standards and Method for City Noise Management in: Environment Protection, Noise Emission of Transportation, Noise Exposure of Worker, Noise Mitigation Strategy for City Manager 

Engineering Method/Technology: Noise & Vibration Reduction, Noise & Vibration Isolation/Elimination, Sound Source/Pollution Analysis & Prediction, Hearing Protection 

Noise & Vibration Product Development: Vibration isolators, Mufflers, Noise Barriers, Advanced Sound Proof Windows, Doors, Advanced Sound Proof Wall Structure, Sound Measurement Instrument