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Prof. Dan Qun Fang


Prof. Fang, president of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He is a renowned scientist and expert in the field of noise control.  Prof. Fang has published over 200 articles in professional sound and vibration journals. Moreover, Prof. Fang published more than 10 books.  Prof. Fang is also a noise control engineering course founder creating many original subjects in the field.  Prof. Fang led his team won more than 30 certifications, 15 invention patents and copyrights, including 8 US patents and copyrights.  Prof. Fang has made an outstanding contribution in the scientific and technological progress especially in the field of noise control engineering, environmental physics, and biophysical information science. Prof. Fang creates and improved those fields to become internationalization and industrialization.


James C. Lu, Ph.D., PE
General Secretary

Dr. Lu, general secretary of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has involved in both academic and industrial fields of civil and environmental science and engineering for over 35 years.  Dr. Lu has been retained as a faculty member by several universities teaching in the environmental field.  Dr. Lu has completed over three hundred medium and large size projects since mid-1970.  Dr. Lu has developed many new technologies and applications in the environmental field, such as design and manufacturing of sound barriers from recycled plastic and rubber materials, development of sound and vibration pads from crumb rubber, invention of a high-rate process for recovery of municipal and agricultural waste materials, design of large scale energy farm and nano-solar energy generation materials, and several ecological protection methods.


Prof. Jiaqi Sun

Vice President

Prof. Sun, vice president of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has dedicated in noise and vibration industry for over forty years.  He is a senior scientist and engineering technologist in noise and vibration field.  Prof. Sun has formulated 6 national noise & vibration evaluation and controlling standards, published 6 professional books, and over 100 articles. Prof. Sun makes great contributions in theory and practice of sound and vibration control in railway, high-speed rail, power station, cement plant, airport, and highway facilities.



Guoqing Di, Ph.D

Vice President

Dr. Di, vice president of US Sound & Vibration Institute.  He’s main research areas include environmental acoustics, noise control engineering, noise and electromagnetism pollution control, and noise and electromagnetism effects.  Dr. Di has developed many special noise testing laboratories include Laboratory of Environmental Acoustics, Laboratory of Noise Effect, and Laboratory of Environmental Electromagnetism.  Dr. Di also published over 60 noises related articles.


Mr. Bo Wang

Chief Engineer

Mr. Wang, chief engineer of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has more than 10 years engineering working experience in the national railway in China.  The job duty included technical management of high-speed rail track engineering construction and maintenance. Mr. Wang had outstanding performance, especially in installation of vibration isolation track.  His performance in this area created a major breakthrough in the history of the development of urban rail transit in China.  Mr. Wang also involved in the national formulation of noise industry engineering standards.  He has published many articles in noise engineering field.


Dr. QuDe Yue

Senior Engineer

Dr. Yue, senior engineer of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He’s main research project includes sound and vibration detection and evaluation techniques for bridges, large structures, urban transport installations, etc. He won a number of scientific awards, including awards from the National Science Foundation of China.  Dr. Yue has two patents and published more than 10 books and over 70 articles in the professional journals.


Mr. JianJun Cai

Senior Engineer

Mr. Cai, senior engineer of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has participated and worked on national rail construct since his graduation from Railway College in China.  He has over 35 years of project management experience.  Mr. Cai was involved in the guidance of more than 10 Chinese railway construction and alteration projects.  Mr. Cai also currently a project manager for a number of urban rail projects.



Mr. Samuel Lu


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Lu, engineer of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has investigated and researched on characteristics and trasmmition of multi-traffic noise, in the areas such as railway, high speed rail, highway, airport, seaport and so on. Mr. Lu has great experience on noise map researches, and completed many unique city noise maps with dynamic displays for many cities such as Beijing.




Mr. Allen Zhu


Mr. Zhu, engineer of US Sound & Vibration Institute. He has extensive experience on environmental noise control engineering. He had participated in design and construction of noise barriers in high speed rails, highways and airports.  Mr. Zhu involved in many noise evaluation and control engineering projects relating to paper mills.  He is specialized in design of noise control system and noise isolator of air conditions. Mr. Zhu had worked in noise engineering of residential areas and multi- functional hall of radio and television companies.