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Prof. Dan Qun Fang

President of American Sound and Vibration Institute

Dan Qun Fang (born in 1941) is a famous scientist and professor with a number of international awards. Committed in the development of Noise Control Engineering, Environmental Physics, Biophysical Information Science, he has been awarded Chinese National Outstanding Contributions of Science and Technology. He is the main founder and pioneer of the three subjects above.

He was graduated from the Physics Department of Northwestern University in 1963.He is the current President & Research Fellow of American Green Environmental Academy of Science, President & Research Fellow of American Sound and Vibration Institute, Chairman of the Board of Trans-America International Group Incorporation, President and Principal Scientist of the Micro Bio-Physic Laboratory,  Chairman of Amwest Environmental Group Incorporation, President and Research Professor of Amwest Environmental Academy of Science, Chief adviser of State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for City Noise and Vibration, Chief advisor of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry –Noise and Vibration, Visiting Professor of Zhejiang University, Visiting Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Founder & Chairman of Global Chinese scientists Environmental Forum, etc.

He served as Deputy Director & Researcher fellow of Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, Technical Committee Vice Chairman & Researcher fellow of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Expert Consultant of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality,

Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, Standing Director of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Executive Director of Noise Control Professional Committee in Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Chairman of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry –Noise and Vibration, Vice Chairman & Secretary-general of Acoustical Society of Beijing, President of General High-tech Corporation, Vice Chairman of International Environment of medicine and Biology Society, Professor of University of South China in Taiwan, Director of United States of America Asia Investment Banking Association, Advisor of  America Cathay Bank, and so on.

In 1988, he was awarded outstanding contribution expert of Beijing municipal people’s government, and awarded Chinese national science and technology expert with outstanding contributions in the same year. He was also awarded commander of the order of the king of Denmark In the thirty-seventh Brussels Eureka World Invention Exhibition Award.

In May 2011, he is awarded Chinese Ten Big Business Models in the World in 2011. The ceremony was held in the National People’s Congress Center, and was awarded by the State Leaders. The national postal service issued his portrait of commemorative stamps.

In the 1960’s, Prof. Fang pioneered and introduced noise control engineering and environmental physics into China. After that, he invented over 30 noise control products and achievements which lead to the development of the Chinese noise control industry, such as Micro-perforated panel muffler, a variety of series of noise control equipment products, physiological effects of noise, noise control engineering and application, urban environment noise assessment and comprehensive control,  evaluation of prediction method for urban traffic noise pollution, research of effects of physical variables (e.g., force, heat, sound, optical, electromagnetic) on environmental pollution trend and control measures, nano-crystalline silicon quantum mechanical analysis and its application in solar energy, etc.

He is responsible for the development of national noise standards and noise control design criteria in China. He was a key person in establishing Chinese national noise health standards and national industrial noise design criteria. In the late 1970’s, Prof. Fang introduced a new concept in environmental physics, and helped to develop the environmental physics and its industry. Since the early 1974, Prof. Fang began the study of noise effects on hearing and cardiac vascular and nervous system, the application of quantum mechanics, and established Biophysics engineering theories. He invented the EMPI System (EGG and EEG Multi-Phase Information Diagnosis System), and the Cardio Quantum Spectrum Diagnostic System. His invention was patented and obtained US FDA permits.

Prof Fang obtained 25 major sound and vibration related scientific achievements and inventions, 20 international and Chinese national awards and prizes, including the Gold Medal and the Prime Minister’s Award and the Commander’s Prize at the 37th Eureka International Invention Fair in Brussels, the International Cup Prize in Paris, the Gold Medal Award in Beijing International Invention Fair, the First Level Award of Advances in Technology in Beijing. Prof. Fang obtained 15 patents and copyrights, including 8 US patents and copyrights. The Chinese government has recognized Prof. Fang as Chinese National Distinguished Scientist.

Prof. Fang has published more than 200 papers and 10 books.  He has contributed efforts and accomplished significant results for the USA-China relationships. He has made big efforts to improve the relationship between China and United States. Since now, he is still working with scientists and entrepreneurs from United States and China, to help them for more cooperation, to promote the construction of the international green industry, to meet the global green industry climax.