Our Staff

James C. Lu, Ph.D., PE ( Read More ) Executive Vice President (EVP)

Dr. Lu was born in Taiwan, who is a renowned scientist, expert and senior engineer in Environmental Engineering and a Doctor of University of Southern California. Dr. Lu once served as planning manager and senior engineer of American SCS engineering company, president of California Science Company, engineer of Sanitary Bureau of Los Angeles County, chief engineer and environment department manager of American Jacob Engineer Group Company (Top 10 American engineering companies), chairman and president of American Science and Industry Group, president of American Western Environment Group, member of board of directors and technical director of American Morgan Environment Company, president and member of board of directors of Computer Associates, president of Pan American International Group. Dr. Lu also served as professor of University of Southern California, professor of California State University, Long Beach, Distinguished Professor of University of California, Irvine as part-time jobs.Additionally, Dr. Lu has also led and completed hundreds of significant environment projects.

Prof. Dan Qun Fang ( Read More ) President/CEO

Prof. Fang is a famous scientist, professor and national-level expert with outstanding contribution and great international awards. Prof. Fang has made remarkable contributions in creating, developing, internationalizing and industrializing subjects of Noise Control Engineering, Environmental Physics and Biophysical Information Science. He is also one of the major founders of above subjects and their related industries. Pro. Fang published “Noise Control Engineering” and other 9 books as well as over 200 professional articles. Prof. Fang led his team win 25 Scientific Research Achievements, 5 great international awards, 20 national and provincial awards and many patents. Additionally, he has also led and completed hundreds of Noise Control Engineering projects and environment projects.

Jason Lin ( Read More ) VP of Global Investment

Jason Lin, who was born in Pinnan, Guangxi, majors in foreign economy and has 20-year-experience in significant international projects and bidding. In 1990s,Jason Lin worked in key provincial-level Chinese state-owned trading companies and was assigned to Egypt and other Middle East countries.He stayed in theses nations in long periods and he is responsible for establishing overseas branches. At the end of 1990s, Jason Lin invested to found own-brand enterprise — TOPSUN Group and water meter and cast iron pipe manufacturing and research base. He led and organized Chinese industrial resources to participate in bidding and infrastructure projects of large government and military enterprises in Egypt, Syria , Iraq, Jordan and other Middle-East nations for a long time. Based on these experiences, Jason Lin specialized in investment and cooperation among multinational enterprise as well as international trade and global resources allocation. Jason Lin has been concentrating on Internet and high-tech industry investment since 2007. He successfully invested and developed BBQ software, which is based on global networks and project database. On the base of BBQ software, Jason Lin founded global human resources and project platform — BBQ Global Connection.

Steven Fellinger Vice President/ Construction Manager

Mr. Fellinger’s environmental experiences include Phase I ESAs; subsurface investigations utilizing a variety of sampling technologies and hazardous substances; underground storage tank removal; asbestos, lead-based paint, mold and PCB testing and emission abatement oversight; remedy projects associated with a gamut of hazardous materials; indoor air quality assessments. Recently, Mr. Fellinger managed projects include California Department Fish Competition, University of New Mexico Foundation, Morton Salt Industry, Amway, The Natural Conservation Fund, International Wildlife Conservation Board, California Ground Forces and National Guard and California parks and recreation departments. Additionally, Mr. Fellinger is also in charge of City of Riverside project.

Guoqing Di Vice President

Dr. Di is the professor of Zhejiang University. Dr. Di led scientific research programs of national public welfare industries, national “863 plan” program, national natural and scientific fund, Significant provincial scientific &technological projects, 5 research projects above provincial level including provincial natural & scientific fund, 4 Bureau-level research projects, including  Nuclear and Radiation Bureau of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Provincial Education Bureau, Science & Technology Bureau of Hangzhou municipal ,Environmental Protection Department of Hangzhou municipal, respectively.

Xiang Yan Vice President

Dr. Yan is director of Architectural Physics Lab and quality principal of Construction and Environment Testing Center and director of Acoustics Lab in Tsinghua University. Dr. Xiang Yan involved in numerous indoor acoustics, hall acoustic and noise barriers design projects, including High-speed Railway, municipal subway, National Grand Theatre, Beijing Olympic Stadium (National Aquatics Center, Laoshan Bicycle Stadium and National Stadium), Luoyang Sports Center, Daqing Cultural Center, Fujian Grand Theater, etc.

Jiaqi Sun Vice President

Prof. Sun is a senior expert in noise and vibration control area and has dedicated in research of this area for forty years. He instructed and completed  setting of 6 national noise & vibration standard for Chinese government and published six professional books and more than one hundred professional papers. Prof. Sun engaged in noise and vibration control projects, including railway, high-speed railway, power station, airport, and highway projects, and made great contributions in noise and vibration control area.

Bin Shao Chief Engineer

Mr. Shao is general secretary of Sound & Vibration Control Committee of Chinese Environmental Protection Industry Association and an experienced expert in sound & vibration control field.  Mr. Shao has dedicated to research and management of engineering design of sound & vibration control field. Recently, he served as chief engineer of “9 states and 1 rail” vibration isolation technology Co., Ltd and General Engineer of State Environment Protection Urban Noise and Vibration Control Engineering Center.

Yongkang Miao Senior Vice president

Mr. Miao is the President of Beijing Tian Run Kang Long Technology Co., Ltd., who has an enriched experience in business management and project management. Beijing Tian Run Kang Long Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in R&D, production and sales of the detachable special thermal insulation products, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy and other industries. In recent years, Beijing Tian Run Kang Long Technology Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University jointly developed a new acoustic material — porous rock sound absorption and insulation board. With product R&D and marketing, current businesses of the company has expanded into two main parts– energy conservation and environmental friendly products.


Mark Chen Marketing director

Majoring in marketing, Mr. Chen graduated from Australia Sydney Institute of Technology in 1995. In 1996, Mr. Chen started to work in foreign department of CKM Building Material Corporation as manager of management department and vice president. He has worked as president of the company since 2013. CKM Building Material Corporation is professional supplier of Asian lightgage steel joist. With the expanding of business scope and internalization development, CKM Building Material Corporation listed in China (code 8930) in 2000. The company started a transition strategy to positively involve in theory research and production of metal acoustic material while still maintain recent keel business. Finally, the company developed SoundMicro metal porous acoustic panel absorber and formally began selling in the market.